PAROS IS AN ISLAND as luminous as its marble, the joy of the ar tist, a festival of colors and sensations, the Church of Ekatontapyliani (hundred gates), called by many the Agia Sophia of the Aegean. The island offers a refreshing, life-giving breeze, hospitable residents, beautiful traditional villages and countless sandy beaches. A cuisine rich with local delicacies and parian wines. Paros is the island of all ages that welcomes ever yone offering numerous activities for every season.




It is considered to be one of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades and, despite the touristic boost, this lovely village has managed to keep its authenticity, its traditional character and its charm. The whitewashed and flowered little houses and the tiny churches and chapels, surrounded by labyrinth-like narrow and stone paved alleys entice all the visitors to wonder. It is built amphitheatrically around a tiny picturesque port where little colorful fishing boats called caiques, moor in front of the observatory of the Venetian castle which can still be seen, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere luring you into the history of the place.


It is the most mountainous village of Paros and the most verdurous one. Lefkes was the capital of Paros during the 19th century. The village is located under a pinewood grove on the hill.A walk around its beautiful narrow streets with the white joints will impress you. You will see the old whitewashed houses, the House of Literature, the picturesque Ramnos area, a street with taverns and shops and a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea and Naxos in the background.

Where to swim

  • Kolymbithres beach
  • Monastiri beach
  • Santa Maria beach
  • Mikri Santa Maria beach
  • Ambelas beach

Points of interest - Activities

  • Agios Ioannis Detis and Lighthouse | Monastiri area
  • Moraitis Winery |
  • Horseback riding |
  • Aegean Tennis Centre |
  • Natural High water sports | Monastiri beach | +30 6944745612
  • Meditation – Yoga, Tao’s place |
  • X-ta-sea Divers |
  • Canoe – Kayak, Paros | | +30 6977206541

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